Wanted tractors and trucks, call today, receive your money tomorrow!


We aim to offer a level of service that is both quick and to your satisfaction. We try to establish a good working relationship with you in order to handle offers, payment, transportation and issue of certificates of non-liability quickly when purchasing from you


  • We speak Dutch, English, German and French (Spanish and Russian can be arranged)
  • We take care of customs declaration and customs documents
  • Issue of export registration plates
  • Green card (international motor insurance card), 14-day insurance cover
  • Germain registration plates
    • x 5-day Kurzzeit Kenzeichen
    • x Zoll Kenzeichen


  • We will collect your vehicle upon purchase
  • Transportation to the harbour
  • Shipping “all over the world”

Hotel accomodation

We can arrange accommodation for you in one of the hotels listed below. Please contact us if you want to make use of this service.

www.nobis.nl 10 km
www.hotelcentraal.nl 4 km
www.gasterij-krabbendam.nl 4 km


Calluna Trucks can call you
  • Guul van Deursen
  • Owner
  • Calluna Trucks

  • Kerkendijk 76
  • 5712 EW Someren
  • The Netherlands
  • For your navigation: Kerkendijk 74

Please call us beforehand when you plan to visit our company.